by Bryson Cassidy

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released July 24, 2012

All tracks written and performed by: Bryson Cassidy
Except "Upstream" written and performed by: Bryson Cassidy and Josh Cwintal
Produced by: Josh Cwintal
Engineered by: Josh Cwintal
Co-engineered by: Bryson Cassidy, Cole Howson, and Gianni Liolli
Mixed by: Bryson Cassidy and Josh Cwintal
Mastered by: Darren Magierowski at Route 66 Recordings
All tracks recorded at Gianni Liolli's apartment and Fanshawe College
Cover photo by: Shane Fester



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Bryson Cassidy Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Good Intentions
(Looking at the way I used to follow my own instincts,
You were always something that I could feel in my heart.

Am I becoming the man that you want me to be?

Casting back, casting back.
Come on now and let me see your face, I promise I will never do the things I used to do on my own.

Am I becoming the man that you want me to be?

All the time you were there, all the time you were fair to me.)
Track Name: Dreamcatcher
Black painted man you follow the circus and lived all your dreams you found your new purpose through all the sheets and high hanging rope, you look down and choke.
All of the accidents that I could have seen, all of the things I could have been, you were a captive and they set you free, from the cold guillotine, the cold guillotine.

Oh I keep walking to my own grave
Into the open, the end of days

Through chapters and sand you travel by steam train with quiet and peace until your bell tolls. You can’t defeat that question inside, why can’t we decide? Why can’t we decide?
Fall on the gravel and lift up your head, and straighten yourself, no guilt or contempt. You were the showman the one we look to, for the feeling of youth, the feeling of youth.
Track Name: Complaisant
Take the wealth away from the desperate man
Take the shorthorns from his continent
Through a coin toss he will surely break
Darkened from a life of impoverished strain

But a faithful heart and a patient mind
Will accept the lot, and not begrudge
In all we want, and all we need
We seem to stop believing if we don’t gain

In a black stream he will bite his nails
Longing for relief he’s a damaged sail
Through the raging sea he loses sight
Until a voice heals his wandering eyes

But a faithful heart and a patient mind
Will accept the lot, and not begrudge
In all we want, and all we need
If I could trust you, I would have a great soul

Roll with the punches I’ll roll with the punches
Track Name: The Biggest Heart I've Ever Known
Did I ever go away? I think I will stay for you
Have we ever grown apart? We grow in our hearts

In you, I see something more
In you, I can feel the warmth

Of the biggest heart I’ve ever known

Patience is a deep blue sea, And we are sinking deep
Gentle wind and cool night skies, as our lives pass us by
Track Name: Without Cause
In some time I want to grow older and live the path and live the path
A selfless man whose conscience is stronger I give myself I give myself

To live in this world, with a window to a calling, I want you more I want to know
To be close enough, even with a steady barrier, I want you more I want to know

How to love without cause, To love without cause
(The feeling inside I had to run, I feel in the night a calling us to arms)

The innocence I lost in the higher stage will pass me by, will pass me by
I need a sign, to give me a steady pace, I give myself, I give myself